tikhon belousko

designer and engineer

/* projects */

career.io, resume.io, sokikom, baymard institute, smartomato

/* talks */

full-stack design (2017)
design and development basics for managers (2018)
the person who killed your project (2019)
typography in product design (2019)

/* lectures */

ui/ux design course (2021)

/* interviews */

growing up in a small town, go to study in finland, lose your laptop and become a co-founder of an international company — vc.ru

/* press */

resume by subscription: rostov programmers took a freelance order and created a resume.io constructor for 12 million people — vc.ru
personal experience: how to build a culture in a company and reduce employee turnover — incrussia.ru
how to localize a product for different countries — secretmag.ru

/* podcasts */

tikhon belousko and aleksey taktarov (resume.io): a broken projector, a silicon valley dream and a pool with sharks — eto proval
how to get a job? rules for a good resume from the co-founders of resume.io — proryv

/* contacts */

telegram, twitter, facebook